Herbal Supplements

Nature is perfect!

Testament to the concept of Nature being perfect is the simple fact that plants are one of nature’s defense mechanisms to preserve the self-sustainability of all species. Humans being one of them.

The use of plants to treat human conditions dates back to the Neanderthal period. Scientists found a 60,000 year-old burial site in Iraq that revealed pollen of 8 plant species; 7 of them used in modern herbal medicine.

The primitive man, learned from his own experience which plants were to be used as food as well as which plants to use as medicine while avoiding those that were toxic. These learnings were passed along their successors.

Until the 19th century, plants were almost exclusively the source of every known medicine. With the development of industrial chemistry and its ability to synthesize and create new molecules, plant medicines were gradually substituted by pharmaceuticals. As this substitution progressed, herbal medicine was almost entirely replaced in the 20th century by now non as conventional medicines and the teachings of herbs medicinal properties were abolished by most medical schools around the world.

A new medical revolution has begun in the 21st century,! Increasingly, patients from all over the world have become aware of the significant side effects of some conventional pharmaceuticals. For the first time and as a result of the abundant flow of information as well as decades of accumulated research and clinical trials, masses of patients take a step back to reach out to herbal medicine as an alternative form of medication to complement their conventional treatments and in some cases replace a pharmaceutical drug.

Alternative Medicine is spreading out at lightning speeds, as evidenced by the explosive growth of herbal supplement manufacturers and the increased number of physicians formulating herbal medicines and recurring to alternative treatments.

HNS is part of this revolution by sharing with the community our knowledge about herbal medicine and bringing to our customers high quality, effective herbal supplements.

Why consuming certain plants can be beneficial?

Through the process of evolution, plants have developed the ability to produce certain chemicals as standard defense against predator in an ecosystem. Such chemicals, while toxic and harmful to other organisms, turn out to have positive effects when used to treat human conditions.

Modern medicine treats a number of human illnesses with about 12,000 of these chemicals. This number is only a small percentage (About 10%) of the total approximate number.

Chemical compounds found in Plants bind to receptor molecules the same way conventional drugs mediate their actions in ones body. The basic principle that both plants and conventional medicines work identically in the human body allows us to conclude that they may be equally effective in the treatment of illnesses.

By the same token, we must assume that both plants and conventional drugs can potentially present side-effects. 20% of reported adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are due to conventional drugs or 6 to 7 percent of hospital admissions. On the other hand, well manufactured herbal supplements have considerable fewer ADRs; thus, making plant alternatives much safer.

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