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Naturally Eliminate Gas and Bloating with These 4 Steps to Better Digestion

Naturally Eliminate Gas, Bloating & Heartburn With Probiotics
Eliminate Gas, Bloating & Heartburn
With Probiotics

Gas is a normal byproduct of the digestive process that will either be absorbed into the bloodstream, released as flatulence or ‘gas’, recycled by microbes in the gut or accumulated in the small intestine creating pressure in the intestinal walls causing bloating, stomach discomfort and in some cases, intense abdominal pain!

Excessive flatulence and bloating may be a sign of large bacteria overgrowth which causes an imbalance of the normal intestinal flora (typically 80/20 ratio of good bacteria to pathogenic bacteria and its waste).

4 Steps to Better Digestion:

1. Take probiotics supplements and consume foods that are high in ‘good’ bacteria (fermented foods). This will help you maintain a normal intestinal flora balance.

2. Reduce your sugar intake by replacing table sugar with a natural substitute like Stevia – Bacteria feeds on sugar.

3. Increase the consumption of alkaline forming foods (fruits and vegetables) and lower the intake of acid yielding foods (Meats and Dairies). A proper pH balance is essential for normalizing bodily functions.

4. Increase digestive enzymes by consuming raw, unprocessed foods and chewing slowly. You may also add a brush border enzymes supplement to you diet.


Natural News:  Eliminate gas, bloating, and heartburn for good with these simple steps Foods that are high in good bacteria.
Alkaline Diet plan 4 Steps to Naturally Eliminate Gas and Bloating 

Study Shows Efficacy of Soyfem for Menopause

Soyfem for Menopause
Soyfem improves menopause symptoms

An article from the U.S. National Library of Medicine titled “Efficacy of standardized isoflavones extract (Soyfem) (52-104 mg/24h) in moderate and medium-severe climacteric syndrome,” highlights the positive results obtained in a study of Soyfem for menopause symptoms.

According to this study, patients using Soyfem demonstrated a “decrease of Kupperman index value and improvement of life quality…in the group of 169 postmenopausal women.”

The group of patients studied showed improvements of various symptoms associated with menopause. These included, but were not limited to positive effects on hot flashes, arthrosis pain, tiredness, insomnia, headaches, dizziness and mood.

Soyfem is a well-known natural treatment for menopause and PMS symptoms. This formula of potent phytoestrogens is indicated for the relief of all symptoms associated with estrogen imbalances caused by premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopause and post-menopause.