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Anti-Angiogenic Foods: Prevent Cancer & Promote Weight Loss

anti-angiogenic foods prevent cancer & promote weight loss
Berries, garlic, soy, olive oil, pomegranate and other anti-
angiogenesis foods prevent cancer & promote weight loss

Angiogenesis is the term used to describe an important natural bodily process by which new blood vessels are formed. The body regulates this process by producing a balance of growth and inhibitory factors in healthy tissues. An imbalance of such factors can contribute to ‘abnormal blood vessel growth’-either excessive or insufficient growth.

According to the Angiogenesis Foundation, Agiogenesis is a “common-denominator shared by diseases affecting more than one billion people worldwide,” including all forms of cancers, skin diseases, age-related blindness, cardiovascular disease, and many others.

Anti-angiogenic foods such as berries, garlic, soy, green tea, parsley, red wine and dark chocolate may restore the balance of growth/inhibitory factors helping the body to stop undesirable Angiogenesis. Eating these foods on a daily basis is a natural therapy against conditions that rely on excessive blood vessel growth. Anti-angiogenesis agents assist the body’s system controlling angiogenesis; in the case of excessive growth, anti-angiogenic foods help by starving abnormal growing tissue (tumors) of blood supply; hence, hindering its growth. Similarly, anti-angiogenic foods can help fight obesity by regulating abnormal growth of blood vessels which also promote “fat expansion by supplying fat cells with oxygen and nutrients.” Laboratory studies have concluded that inhibiting angiogenesis in obese mice decreases their weight to normal levels.

Anti-Angiogenesis Smoothie Recipe:

4 Oz of filtered water & ice
4 Oz of Pomegranate Juice
1 Cup of any/mix of these berries: blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and/orAcai berries
1 Teaspoon of Olive Oil
1 Lemon
1 Teaspoon of chopped garlic or 1/8 teaspoon of garlic powder

The Angiogenesis Foundation’s list of the top 32 antiangiogenic foods:

List of Anti-Angiogenesis Foods: Strawberries, Green Tea, Pineapple and more

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Treat Depression With Natural Supplements, Vitamins, Exercise & Meditation

Treat Depression with Herbs,
Supplements Exercise & Meditation

Exercise frequently (preferably outdoors), meditate every day and also charge yourself with positive thoughts every morning using visualization techniques.

Happiness is contegious so always surround yourself of happy people and avoid those that tend to spoil happy moments!

If you want to try a natural supplement, I recommend taking Alegria Plus. Alegria contains a potent herbal blend of Alegria del Campo, Scutellaria and Sage which are natural antidepressants and positively alter mood and emotions by acting on serotonin.

Alegria: Natural Supplement
for Depression

My son uses Alegria as a supplement to charge him with energy, positivism and motivation and he claims it has helped him immensely!

In addition to Alegria Plus I would like to highlight the importance of Vitamin D and B Vitamins. Deficiencies in both have been linked to depression! Studies suggest that taking doses of 5,000 IUs can significant impact ones quality of life.

Vitamin D and B Vitamins, particularly Vitamin B12, have beneficial effects that extend to a wide range of metabolic functions in different body systems (Immune, Cardiovascular and Nervous Systems). I suggest adding these essential vitamins to your daily diet along with Alegria Plus, 5 HTP and magnesium. These will provide a boost to your overall mental health. http://www.healthandnatureshop.c…

Dr. Weil’s Take on Depression

Dr. Weil’s Take on Depression

I recommend this interesting video of Dr. Weil and his opinion about Depression.

In this video, Dr. Weil explains how “Changes in diet and lifestyle, along with natural herbs, supplements, and even new philosophies of psychology, can all help relieve or reverse the depressive symptoms that the modern age seems to have multiplied.”

The Depression Epidemic – Andrew Weil, M.D. from Andrew Weil, M.D. on Vimeo.

Study Shows Efficacy of Soyfem for Menopause

Soyfem for Menopause
Soyfem improves menopause symptoms

An article from the U.S. National Library of Medicine titled “Efficacy of standardized isoflavones extract (Soyfem) (52-104 mg/24h) in moderate and medium-severe climacteric syndrome,” highlights the positive results obtained in a study of Soyfem for menopause symptoms.

According to this study, patients using Soyfem demonstrated a “decrease of Kupperman index value and improvement of life quality…in the group of 169 postmenopausal women.”

The group of patients studied showed improvements of various symptoms associated with menopause. These included, but were not limited to positive effects on hot flashes, arthrosis pain, tiredness, insomnia, headaches, dizziness and mood.

Soyfem is a well-known natural treatment for menopause and PMS symptoms. This formula of potent phytoestrogens is indicated for the relief of all symptoms associated with estrogen imbalances caused by premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopause and post-menopause.

Home Remedies for Cough

Natural Remedies for

Coughing is a reflex reaction that, in most cases, allows the body to clear the respiratory passages from obstructive substances.

The remedy one chooses must target the cause, not the cough! One may recur to a cough suppressant, but if the cause is not targeted one might be exposing ones body to a more serious complication by interrupting the body’s efforts to clear a blockage in your system.

Most of the time, cough is the result of a bacterial (i.e. bronchitis) or viral (i.e. Flu) infection. Persistent coughs, that last longer than a few days, may be the result of an advanced bacterial infection requiring a course of antibiotics. Consult your physician immediately, if this is the case.

Whatever the case may be, I suggest the use of natural expectorants and anti inflammatories instead of cough suppressant.

Ginger, thyme, rosemary, eucalyptus, garlic, oregano and cayenne pepper are commonly used natural expectorants.

Try the following recipe: Honey Tea Infused with herbs- Boil in water for 15 minutes any of spices mentioned above. Add honey and the juice of a lemon. A tablespoon of Vinegar may also be added. Drink this tea while it is warm and as much desired (lots of water is also helpful). All of these ingredients have considerable expectorant effects! 

Another remedy for cough is to improvise a humidifier at home by heating up some water. Infuse the warm water with any of these herbs. Inhale the vapors from the water as depicted in this picture:Use a towel to trap and make the most out of the vapors. NOTE: Extreme caution should be used. Vapors may burn your face if too close or too hot. This treatment simulates a typical, conventional nebulization treatment. The vapors help ease the mucus making it easier, for the body to clear the passages. 

An alternative to home remedies continuing the natural path is a supplement called Calabash Plus (Totumo). It can be purchased This is the link to the product: http://www.healthandnatureshop.c… 

Written by
Clara E. Castaneda


I am not a physician or a licensed medical professional; and I do not intend to replace the virtues and skills of those whom have spent a considerable amount of time studying the science of medicine and the art of healing. This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Always consult your physician!