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Three Anti Cholesterol Foods You Should Consider

Regular consumption of artichoke, eggplant and avocado may yield potent health benefits that will significantly impact your overall health.

Artichoke leaves may
Lower cholesterol
All these foods are powerful antioxidants and have an important common denominator: They all share potent anti-cholesterol properties. Artichoke, eggplant and avocado have been known to help metabolize “bad” fats and inhibit enzymes that produce cholesterol.

Artichoke flower heads have one of the highest antioxidant capacities among vegetables. It is also known that Cynarin, a chemical compound found in artichoke leaves, increases bile flow contributing to an improved liver and gall bladder function and better digestion. Artichoke is used as a natural remedy for high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), arthritis, heartburn, kidney problems and even to relief symptoms of alcohol hangover.
Eat Avocado to improve heart health

Similarly, certain chemical compounds found in avocado such as aleolic acid, folate, carotenoid lutein and beta-sitosterol, have been studied in the treatment of oral and breast cancer and in the prevention of strokes, macular degeneration and cataracts. The vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, and glutathione in avocado are also great for heart health.

Eggplant lowers cholesterol and
regulates blood pressure
On the other hand, Eggplant is a low calorie vegetable featuring various vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, including phenolic compounds, such caffeic and chlorogenic acid, and flavonoids, such as nasunin. These active substances not only may lower cholesterol, but also regulate blood pressure. Additionally, eggplant has been studied in the prevention and colon and skin cancer.
Note: A natural supplement can be added to your diet as complementary aid in the treatment of high-blood cholesterol. Artichoke Plus contains extracts of these three potent natural anti cholesterol foods.

Natural Remedy for Diabetes

Add an natural supplement that promotes healthy blood sugar levels to your diet!

The Reader’s Digest recommends a list of 10 herbs and supplements in their article titled “The Best Herbs and Supplements for Diabetes.” 

One of these herbs, Bitter Melon (Balsam Pear) is the main component of Balsam Pear Plus, a complementary treatment for high blood sugar levels.

Balsam Pear Plus is a natural hypoglycemic supplement derived from 3 plants: Balsam Pear (Bitter Melon), Oregano & Eggplant.

This herbal supplement enhances insulin sensitivity of the receptors on cells which in turn reduces blood sugar levels without inducing patients to Hypoglycemia.

In addition to its Hypoglycemic properties, this natural supplement also acts as an appetite suppressant and helps regulate blood cholesterol and pressure. It supports digestion, circulation and protects the liver and the pancreas. Balsam Pear Plus also promotes pancreas cell regeneration and weight loss.

1 Capsule (300 mg) contains the following:

Balsam Pear/Bitter Melon (leaves)
-Momordica Charantia – 200mg ~ Hypoglycemic (lowers blood sugars), Appetite Suppressant
Wild Marjoram/Oregano (leaves) 
-Mintostachys Mollis – 50mg ~ Mild Hypoglycemic. Supports Digestion & Circulation

Eggplant (fruit)

-Solanum Melongena – 50mg ~ Lowers blood cholesterol, pressure and sugar levels